NR 509 Week 7 Quiz Latest

1. During an examination of an aging male the FNP recognizes that normal changes to expect would be:
premature ejaculation.
declining testosterone production.
difficulty in maintaining an erection.
a decreased refractory state after ejaculation.
2. During a health history, a 22-year-old woman asks “can I get that vaccine for HPV? I have gentle warts and I’d like them to go away!” What is the FNP‘s best response?
“The HPV vaccine is for girls and women ages 9 to 26, so we can start that today.”
“This vaccine is only for girls who have not started to have intercourse yet.”
“Let’s check with the physician to see if you are a candidate for this vaccine.”
“The vaccine cannot protect you if you already have an HPV infection.”
3. During a speculum inspection of the vagina the FNP would expect to see what at the end of the vaginal canal?
Fallopian tubes
4. A 62-year-old man is experiencing fever, chills, malaise, urinary frequency and urgency. He also reports urethral discharge and a dull aching pain in the perineal and rectal area. The symptoms are most consistent with which of the following?
Carcinoma of the prostate
5. When performing a genital examination on a 25-year-old man the FNP notices deeply pigmented, wrinkled scrotal skin with large sebaceous follicles. On the basis of this information the FNP would: