NUR507 Module 8 Final Exam Latest/NUR507 Module 8 Final Exam Latest

Question 1
Jeannie is a 24-year-old pregnant woman who asks you if her frequent urination is normal. Which of the following hormones is most likely responsible for this?
Question 2
Marion presents to your office with back pain associated with constipation and urinary retention. Which of the following is most likely?
Epidural abscess
Cauda equine
Idiopathic low back pain
Question 3
Which is true of examination of the olfactory nerve?
It is not tested unless patient reports a change in smell
The smell must not be identified to declare a normal response
Abnormal responses may be seen in otherwise normal elderly patients
Allergies are unrelated to testing of this nerve
Question 4
A woman in her 24th week of pregnancy notices she feels faint when lying down for a period. What would you suspect as the cause for this?
Adrenal insufficiency
Orthostatic hypotension
Supine hypotensive syndrome