You have been hired to develop an Outpatient Immunization Clinic for Baton Rouge General ( Their website has a wealth of information regarding their community.
The Mission Statement is:
We will preserve and restore health, one person at a time.
The Vision Statement is:
We will lead the region in exceptional patient experiences.
Utilizing the Web Site, on-line resources, and the information that we discussed in class via the PowerPoints and Assignments, prepare a proposal for the implementation of Outpatient Immunization Clinic which you will present to the executive officers of the hospital. You are presenting this information to the board to demonstrate to them that this project is needed, is important and meets the mission, vision, and goals of the organization.
Present the information in correct professional language in paragraph form separated by Section Headers for each of the criteria listed below.
In your proposal, include the following.
1.At least two Goals for the Outpatient Immunization Clinic; Refer to the PowerPoint on Mission Statement for more information.
2.At least three Objectives for the Outpatient Immunization Clinic that are specific, attainable, and measurable; Refer to the PowerPoint on Mission Statement for more information.
3.An organizational chart for the Outpatient Immunization Clinic including a justification for each of the positions on the organizational chart. You will be the Director of the Outpatient Immunization Clinic. Remember that the lines upward on your organization chart show to whom they report and lines downward show who has authority over whom.
NOTE: If the Immunization clinic is approved and implemented, you will report to the Director of Outpatient Services who will report to Ms. Nijoka who is the Chief Nursing Officer. These positions are already a part of the organizational chart of the hospital and are not part of the organizational chart for this assignment.
4.Using online data, information from the hospital website, and your own ideas, provide a justification and make a case for the development of the Outpatient Immunization Clinic.
5.Complete a SWOT analysis regarding the development the Outpatient Immunization Clinic.
6.Prepare a Job Description for two of the positions on your organizational chart.
7.Prepare Position Specific Interview questions for two different positions and describe the why that question is appropriate for the position. Do NOT asked questions that are generic and apply to all positions e.g. where do you see yourself in three years
a.Create two questions that you will ask of applicants for a specific position on your organizational chart.
b.Create two questions that you will ask of applicants for a different specific position on your organizational chart.
8.Identify and describe three specific ways that you will collect data to assess whether you have obtained your objectives for the Outpatient Immunization Clinic. You must suggest three ways that data can be gather to assess the achievement of your outcomes.
9. Describe two potential growth opportunities for the Outpatient Immunization Clinic.
10. Utilize appropriate professional language that is free of typographical errors and that exhibits correct sentence structure.
11.Cite any sources using APA Style.
Refer to the attached rubric for expectations for the assignment. Please Do not copy anybody’s work this is big part of my grade
Requirements: 3 pages (900 words)  |   .doc file
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