Person-centered feeding care.

Main Topic: Person-centered feeding care.
Article for review:
· Bell, C., Lopez, R., Mahendra, N., Tamai, A., Davis, J., Amella, E., & Masaki, K. (2016). Person-centered feeding care: A protocol to re-introduce oral feeding for nursing home patients with tube feeding. Journal of Nutrition & Health Aging, 20(6), 621-627. doi:10.1007/s12603-016-0699-9.
Read the article chosen and answer the following question listed below.
· What methods can be used to assess nutritional status?
A.  Introduction and Key Points (10 Points)
• Choose one of the assigned topics and identifies one of the questions
• Defines the topic and question
• States why it is a problem
• Information presented in logical sequence
B.  Article Search (25 Points)
• Current (less than 5 years) and credible resource
• Database search – terms and methods used
• Number of articles located
• Source outside of ATI module used
C.  Article Findings (25 Points)
• How it addresses the topic
• Type of research conducted
• Findings of research
• Why this article was chosen
D.  Evidence for Practice (25 Points)
• Summary of evidence
• How it will improve practice
• How this evidence will decrease a gap to practice
• Any concerns or weaknesses located in the evidence
E.  Sharing of Evidence (25 Points)
• Who would you share the information with?
• How would you share this information?
• What resources would you need to accomplish this sharing of evidence?
• Why would it be important to share this evidence with the nursing profession?
F. Conclusion (20 Points)
• Summarizes the theme of the paper
• Information presented in logical sequence
• All key points addressed
• Conclusion shows depth of understanding of topic
G.  APA Style (10 Points)
• APA style used properly for citations
• APA style used properly for references
• APA style used properly for quotations
• All references are cited, and all citations have references
*NOTE: Must adhere to current APA guidelines and formatting.
H.  Writing Mechanics (10 Points)
• No spelling errors
• No grammatical errors, including verb tense and word usage
• No writing errors, including sentence structure, and formatting
• Must be all original work
Write 2-3 pages
APA style +intext citation
Add 2 more scholarly articles + include the one on the top provided by me (3 articles total)